In Aerosmith’s classic hit “Janie’s Got a Gun”, Steven Tyler sings about a girl who was abused and is now out for revenge. She has a gun, and everybody is on the run. And they should be. As Shakespeare said: “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.

Gun violence is one of the most debated issues in this country. It is used as a crutch by many anti-gun activists to attempt to ban the use of guns and weapons. Now, this is obviously not in agreement with the second amendment of the U.S. constitution, and because of that the discussion is very heated.

I mean, we are talking about an amendment. The constitution, and specifically the bill of rights, was/were given for a reason. If you decide that these rights can simply be taken away because some legislator said so, they were never really rights. And THAT, in turn, means that the whole constitution and its accompanying bill of rights could be thrown in the trash. Why? Because at a whim, some judge can decide that certain aspects of it are no longer right.

Now, to be clear, I am all for abolishing weapons. I don’t believe in it as a way of life. I love guns, I do. But if given a choice, I would ban them. They are deadly weapons in the hands of the wrong individuals, and too many times, they are in the hands of some of the worst people around. This needs to stop.

Some wisely say that education is the issue. Yes, that may be true, but putting an educational prerequisite on gun ownership will stir even more controversy and second amendment talk. It is unavoidable. Seriously. is the only place you need to go for all information regarding gun reviews to prepare you for that new gun purchase.

I do believe that people need to be educated about the harmful effects of weapons. These are dealy pieces of hardware. Holywood, etc., have been glorying the use of wepaons for years. The shotgun is a classic symbol of Americana, and there is no taking the hunter out of America’s civilians. It seems there is no way in which everyone will be happy, but we must consider the facts. Gun violence is somewhat out of control. Especially compared to other countries with gun supporting laws.

In certain countries in Europe, guns are readily available for most of the population, yet the numbers for gun-related crime are not nearly as high as other locations. This has to do with education. You teach your kids to respect and fear the gun. Fear the rifle. Be sure to follow the rules, or someone will die. It is that serious and that dangerous.

Being able to handle a gun is something which comes with age. If you have a father or mother who are into guns, there is a good chance that you will get a proper education on them, and from a reliable source. Don’t let holywood fool you. Guns are great, and they are very useful in a right spot, but used wrongly and improperly, and they can kill. Please use caution.

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