I could kill someone with my eyes so to speak but for every other type of killing I will use a gun. I don’t intend on killing anyone but if my life was threatened you best bet that I would do my best to id myself of the pest. Firearms and pistols have been a part of my life ever since I learnt how to talk. When you grow up in the family I grew up in you know how to field strip a rifle by 10. I shot my first pistol at 14 and that was old for some of my friends. I grew up in rural Montana and it allowed me the freedom to explore nature and have a good time with guns. I learnt important ideas and lessons about guns during that period. Gun safety was always top priority. If you can’t be responsible with the firearm you shouldn’t own it or handle it. They are fun but are not toys.

Personally I am a fan of smaller handguns. My favorite is by far the Glock 19 gen 4 (Gunivore.com). This gun to me is the end-all- be-all of handgun design and it isn’t just me who thinks that way. You can go on hundreds of gun forums where the glory that is the Glock 19 is praised and expressed like a dog’s anal gland. And much like a dog’s anal gland some of the opinions stink. Everyone has a right to their wrong opinion I suppose.

I could be crazy. The Glock 19 was not a new idea for me. My dad had a Glock 17 and 19 and I had shot them as a child. But this was the first time I shot one as an adult and I was taken back by its finesse. It was awe-inspiring to shoot such a magnificent piece of machinery. Glock isn’t on the top of the gun market for no reason. They can really make a gun and they have thought of everything when it came to the Glock 19. The gun itself is in its 4 th iteration and has features only found on this model. I think my dads’ was the 2 nd generation which are still workable but not as stocked as the Glock 19 Gen 4.

The best thing about Glock is the ability to make their guns your own. This means you can customize everything from the grip color and material to the entire frame. You can make it look like your favorite movie guns and you can also change the magazines to suit your needs. My needs were simple I just wanted a Glock 19 I could carry everywhere with me. Sometimes I would put it in a holster on my belt while other times I would put it in my bag and go anywhere. I have a card that identifies my membership and legal ability to carry the gun. You may be a rebel at heart but you should play by the rules if you want to play the game.

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