If it wasn’t difficult enough already being vegetarian, it gets even harder when you find out that many of your favorite vegetarian-friendly foods might actually contain meat products. For example, pizza is a staple food for many vegetarians yet many pizza makers rely on bacon grease in their recipes. Similarly, many vegetarians choose not eat cheeses made with animal rennet, considering it can only be harvested from the inside of an animal’s stomach. Another common vegetarian food which many people get tripped up by is baked beans. While baked beans are inherently vegetarian, most canned baked beans are flavored with pork or bacon. One of the most interesting foods that would surprise vegetarians is anything with artificial vanilla flavoring. While all-natural, castoreum, the common vanilla flavoring agent, is actually made from beaver anus. To make matters even worse, most processed food won’t even list castoreum in the ingredients since the FDA doesn’t require it. Candy with hard coatings – To give these candies their hard shells, confectioners use a material called shellac, which is made from insects. Like castoreum, shellac comes from the anus, in this case from the lac bug. This bug resin is usually processed into dry flakes and dissolved in ethanol to give foods and other materials their protective colorful finishes.

An easy way to ensure that the food you’re eating doesn’t contain any meat is to look for products that have a kosher certificate. Jewish law says people cannot mix meat and milk products so all kosher food is labeled if it’s meat, dairy, or parv (neither dairy or meat).

Making food yourself is the safest and healthiest way to make sure you know exactly what is going into your diet. Not buying any pre packaged food or processed foods is healthier and cheaper. Simply preparing your own meals once a week is a fun and healthy way of food prepping. Many vegetarians I know prep meals once a week to ensure they’re getting the necessary macro nutritions every day. Breaking down your carbohydrate, protein,and fat needs it essential to make sure you have a well balanced diet. I love adding fresh cut salad to every meal with a salad dressing of lemon juice and olive oil. This gives you great vitamins and healthy fats. Olive oil is a very healthy way of ensuring you’re getting healthy fats in your diet.

Avocados are also a very healthy fat to consume. It’s a common misconception that consuming fats makes you fat. Consuming sugar is what will make you fat. Fat isn’t going to get digested and turned back into fat. People over consume sugar and then the sugar is turned into fat. Cut down on your sugar intake and you’ll be better off. It’s easy to consume a lot of sugar especially when you’re vegetarian. Candy and other sweet foods often don’t have any meat products in them and they are easy to grab and everywhere. That is why proper meal prepping is essential for a healthy diet. So you don’t have to fail and just start eating junk because you’ve run out of better options to eat.

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