Cracking Your Knuckles Causes Arthritis

There have been many people over the years to discourage finger cracking because it may lead to arthritis. Clinical studies prove that this is a myth. Although arthritis does develop when cartilage in the joints breaks down and the bones rub together, that’s not what’s happening when your knuckles crack. The crack you here is your joints being pulled apart and forming an air bubble that pops. This doesn’t mean that cracking is all good for you though, as it’s still wearing down your synovial membrane which can lead to swelling.

You Need 8 Glasses Of Water

Nobody will deny that you need to drink plenty of water and ensure that you’re always hydrated. However, the 8 glasses rule might not be the rule of thumb you should be following. For many people, you can meet your daily water intake simply by drinking alongside your meals and ensuring that you’re drinking whenever you feel thirsty. Additionally, eating a balanced diet means that most people are also getting plenty of fluids through the foods that they eat on a regular basis which only reduces relevance to the 8-glasses myth.

Fat Is Bad

This myth is thankfully already being debunked somewhat, but it’s still worth mentioning. Your body needs fat, and that’s a fact. The point is to concern yourself with which type of fat you’re consuming. Unsaturated fats, both mono and poly, can be extremely good for your health. These fats can improve blood cholesterol and support a healthy heart, reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease. These healthy fats can be found in foods such as nuts, vegetable oils, and salmon. In fact, the Mediteranean diet, which is one of the healthiest diets to follow, places an emphasis on consuming these kinds of foods, and may contribute to the success of the diet.

My Salad Is Healthy

Not all salads were created equal, and this may be one of the leading reasons why people on diets don’t necessarily lose weight. Sure, the vegetables themselves are extremely good for you and your body thanks you for them, but it’s all the additions that can set you back and make what might seem like a healthy meal, decidedly unhealthy. Specific things to take into consideration include heavy, creamy dressings that quickly add up calories, as well as all the side additions you can get. Putting breaded, fried schnitzel, certain cheeses, or bacon onto your salad can really increase the calorie count and make your salad decidedly unhealthy. If you want to avoid sabotaging your otherwise healthy salad, stick to the basics or do your research before going crazy with the toppings and dressing options.


The bottom line is that there are many things we just take at face value when we put our health first. These myths only serve to prove how important it is to do your research and know the facts so that you can give your body the attention it deserves.

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