There has been much speculation about the question of whether celery burns calories or not. Some people swear by the fact that celeries contain literally negative calories and you can have as much as you want without concern. The argument that it contains negative calories is largely founded on the fact that it contains fiber and therefore you actually burn more than you gain by eating it.

Generally speaking, eating a lot of celery does in fact help you to lose weight. This is mostly due to the fiber that we just mentioned. When a food is high in fiber, most of the energy that is in it is burned through the digestion process and therefore doesn’t really add up in your body weight. What’s more is that celery has a particularly high water content which means that it helps to reduce bloating and increase your overall hydration levels. All of which are important when trying to maintain weight loss. It’s with these factors in mind that it’s so useful at ‘burning calories’.

The truth of the matter is that celery isn’t the only food with these benefits and therefore, I think the fact that it’s so often touted as the only super food with negative calories is unfair. It does indeed have calories, maybe around 6 per stick, which is extremely low. However, there are other foods that also have low calories but do not get the same limelight that celery does. This might be partially due the fact that celery’s high fiber also makes it a rather filling snack to enjoy unlike other low calorie foods which often leave you hungry.

So, how can you enjoy this vegetable’s calorie-burning benefits? Well, that largely depends on how you’re eating it. It’s important to combine your food groups for proper sanitation and digestion. This means if you’re eating a vegetable you either need to combine it with a carbohydrate or a protein. If you’re trying to lose weight then you should focus on increasing proteins and reducing carbs wherever possible, unless those are complex carbs. With this in mind, a great way to add celery to your diet is by dipping it in tuna or low fat cream cheese to make a delicious snack! Alternatively you can add it into a big salad, chopped up with other vegetables like cucumber, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, and anything else you might like, mixing in a hard-boiled egg or some tuna. These are great ways to maximize the benefits of celery while enjoying it in your regular diet.


I do think it’s important to note that in an attempt to lose weight it can be easy to forget the bigger picture, so this a small reminder that other foods also exist and can aid your weight loss journey! Foods like spinach, chia seeds, and certain fish are considered superfoods that help you to lose weight in a healthy way!

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