There are so many supplements out there that sometimes it can be hard to know which one is the right one for you. Unless you’ve been specifically recommended by a doctor to take supplements, you might not actually need them. Countless times I’ve seen people taking a shocking amount of pills and wondering why they need so many only to have them reply that they’re taking their vitamin supplements for the day. I highly doubt that they’re seriously deficient in all those supplements.


Nevertheless, if you’re looking for specific supplements to help alleviate issues, then there are loads to try. Today we’re going to take a closer look into why turmeric supplements are so good for you and what they can help you with.


Anti-inflammatory Properties


Turmeric contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can be useful for anyone who is experiencing inflammation in the body. This is also what makes turmeric so great in skincare! It has risen in popularity over the past few years within the beauty world. People not only take it as a supplement, but also incorporate it into their beauty regime in moisturizers or face masks.


Antioxidant Properties


Turmeric contains the active compound curcumin which is a super powerful antioxidant. Oxidative damage is the leading mechanism behind a multitude of health concerns. It comes from an increase in free radicals which react with your body. Antioxidants work to eliminate free radicals from your body helping you to not only be healthier internally but also externally. Combining the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties make turmeric an extremely potent supplement. Adding onto the antioxidant benefits, curcumin not only neutralizes free radicals, it also strengthens the natural antioxidant defenses in your body giving it a one-two punch against free radicals.

Brain Function

Curcumin, the active compound in turmeric, also works to boost brain-derived neurotrophic factor (known as the BDNF). This is one of the brains driving factors in helping it to form new connections. This means that increasing your intake of turmeric may help to delay or alleviate brain diseases and increase overall brain function. It can help to improve your memory. However, make no mistake, taking turmeric regularly is not actually going to make you smarter. I know people who have heard of turmeric brain enhancing qualities and take it before exams in an attempt to help them ace the test. Supplements don’t usually work like that, and it’s unrealistic to expect them to do so. You need to consistently take supplements in order to see improvements. They cannot be used as a one off treatment or boost.





There was one small study that revealed that curcumin, the active compound in turmeric, can be useful as a treatment for major depressive disorder. In a randomized controlled trial, some patients took prozac, others took curcucmin and the final goup took both prozac and curcumin. Curcumin had similar results to prozac but the group that took both in conjunction had the best results. It’s not a cure in its own right, but may be used as a tool in mitigating symptoms.

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