Recently the carnivore diet has become popular due to youtube podcast star, stand-up comedian, UFC commentator, and fitness enthusiast Joe Rogan recently adopting the diet and discussing it

heavily on his podcast. The carnivore diet is nothing new in the nutrition world. The Atkins diet was one of the first that popularized the idea of cutting out everything except meat from your diet in order to lose weight. There have been other diets that have been similar to the carnivore diet as well. The paleo was a kind adapted carnivore diet along with Keto diet. All of these diets are based off of the same principle of taking the body away from consuming and burning carbohydrates and instead burning fat for fuel. Burning fat for fuel is known as ketosis, which is where the keto diet gets its name. These diets will be successful in getting you to lose body fat, but they may also have some health issues.

There are some issues with these diets from a long term health perspective, especially because of cholesterol. Only consuming meat will definitely give you higher cholesterol than a regular balanced diet. The issue of not getting all essential vitamins is also a problem with a limited diet like the carnivore diet. Taking a multivitamin could prevent any vitamin deficiencies while only consuming meat, but I still wouldn’t advise people to only consume meat without any vegetables or fruits. Naturally in-taking vitamins is superior to taking a supplement, in my opinion. But my opinion is that of a holistic natural health perspective.

Exclusively consuming meat, if done, should only be done for a limited amount of time. It can be a great way of losing some weight, but not consuming vegetables and fruits for your entire life is not ideal, even if you take a multivitamin.

The digestive tract of humans was never meant to only consume meat. It was meant to be a variation of foods in order to function properly. Consuming less carbohydrates and more protein and healthy fat is a solid diet to follow. What the government used to tell people to eat when we were younger with the food pyramid was influenced heavily by the agricultural businesses that were based in the US. They produced a lot of grain and the US wanted to capitalize on that by influencing the population to eat more grain. One of the healthiest diets in my opinion is the Japanese diet. It involves a lot of rice, seaweed, and fish. It includes a healthy carbohydrate, one of the most nutrient dense vegetables (yes seaweed is a vegetable), and very lean protein in fish.

If you’d like to try the carnivore diet out, that’s your prerogative. I would only advise you to take a multivitamin, make sure to eat fatty meats not lean meats, make sure you only eat high quality meats, and try to ease your stomach into the diet. Taking any multivitamin will be solid. You will need more fat in your diet because your energy will be coming exclusively from the fat you will be consuming, if you eat lean meats you will not have any energy and you will slowly wither away. Only eat quality hormone free, grass fed and grass finished, and organic animal products. Its the only thing you’ll be eating. Your body will know the difference between quality and crap. Do you digestive tract a favor and don’t dive head first into the carnivore diet. Slowly incorporate less carbs and more meat so your stomach has a chance to adapt to the changes. There are some useful tips on carnivore diet at carnivorestyle.

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