If there is one good way to spend your time if you’re stuck at home, it’s by organizing your closet. So, without further ado let’s get into how exactly you can do this on your own!



The first thing that you need to do before you do anything else is to take your things out of the cupboard and make a big pile of clothing. Then go through each thing into categories such as pants, tops, outerwear, dresses, etc. This then allows you to make some sense and space of the things that you have in front of you. It’s easier to see what you’re dealing with when it is sorted into separate categories but this method doesn’t work for everyone. Personally, I believe that when you can see what’s in front of you clearly, you can more easily pick out what you don’t want or what there are doubles of.



Clean It


Once everything is out of your closet, go into each nook and cranny and clean it out! You will be surprised at just how dusty your cupboard can get when you don’t clean it regularly. Your clothes are sitting in dust and dirt, and it’s not only gross but can actually ruin them.


If you want to go that little extra mile, try making your own scented packet to put back in the cupboard with your clothes so that it smells nice. You can do this easily by either cutting up some soap bars and putting them in fabric bags, or you can get a little essential oil and spread it around the area. There are so many different DIY examples of this online, but maybe we’ll provide you with one at some point on this blog. 




After everything is clean and you have sorted through all your clothes, get excited to hang everything back inside! Make sure you have enough space and maybe think about moving some things around from where they were before if there is now a better space for them to fit. A good example of this is if you’re moving seasons. You won’t need your thick knits in the summer and you can probably put them away or for now, or vice versa. This means that the things that you do wear are within better reach.


Hang up the clothes that need the extra attention, and make sure to look out for anything that might need to be laundered, ironed, or dry cleaned, and set the aside so you remember to deal with them later.

These are just the first 3 basic tips to getting organized. The truth is that getting it organized is one thing, but keeping it that way is another! Some people w ill struggle in that department more than others, but there’s no doubt that once you get things tidy, you’re well on your way to a better, tidier space that’s much easier to maintain. Do these 3 tips and see how you go. Stack, fold, and hang to hearts content!


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