It’s one thing for babies and children to bite their nails and have their fingers in their mouths, but adults need to be more aware of what they’re doing and why.
Yes, of course it looks ridiculous and somewhat grotesque for adults to walk around with fingers in their mouths, biting and gnawing. And there have to be social ramifications as well. There’s the awkward hand holding, since you care deeply for the one you’re with but the thought of holding their unsightly hand may sound shallow but when it comes right down to it, is gross.
It’s important to have clean hands and nails, it makes a statement to those that you engage with everyday. The casual conversation is often distracted by gnarled hands and nails since inevitably most of us use our hands in conversation. Meeting someone new possibly for a job interview, usually begins with a handshake, and right or wrong, your appearance makes an impression. If you can get past the unsightly appearance, there is a roughness that can’t be ignored. It is a different feeling than that of someone that uses their hands for their work as in construction. If this is not enough of an incentive to stop the biting, I’m certain that as you read on you will be forced to rethink this habit and get help to quit biting your nails.

With all of the things you touch during the day and you then put your fingers in your mouth to bite your nails? Now you not only have a germ fest going on in your mouth but you’re left with unsightly fingernails as a result too. Let’s talk about it. We’ll put the aesthetics aside for the moment and look at the health effects. There are many forms of bacteria on your hands, from every surface that you touch or that is exposed to the environment. This means that when you go to your neighborhood coffee shop, buy your coffee, your barista hands you a cup and you think THAT’s where it began? Oh no, opening the door to the shop and the countertops are loaded with germs. Not to be a germaphobe, since we know that there are germs everywhere, but why give them a clear path and invitation into your system? The space under your nails is a hotbed for a plethora of bacteria such as E. coli, salmonella, and those that cause colds and flu.
The biting, if chomped down too far can cause bleeding and infection. This includes the biting of hangnails and cuticles that could lead to permanent damage to the fingernails and their surrounding tissue. This habit is not just a germ or cosmetic issue as we have shown. It’s possible that there could be an underlying cause for the development of this habit. Nail Biting is usually associated with anxiety, it is said that the biting may relieve tension, boredom, or stress. Ongoing nail biting should be addressed with your healthcare professional.

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